Visit by the College Principal

On Wednesday 1st March, Mr Patrick Decelis, Principal Maria Regina College visited our school.  During morning assembly Mr Decelis greeted all students and reminded them to respect one another.  wp_20170301_08_41_03_pro wp_20170301_08_36_16_pro wp_20170301_08_36_08_pro wp_20170301_08_35_53_pro wp_20170301_08_35_49_pro wp_20170301_08_35_45_pro wp_20170301_08_35_40_pro wp_20170301_08_35_36_pro wp_20170301_08_35_21_pro wp_20170301_08_35_15_pro wp_20170301_08_35_06_pro wp_20170301_08_35_03_pro wp_20170301_08_33_32_pro wp_20170301_08_33_26_proMr Decelis spent the rest of the day meeting members of staff and visiting classes.