Commonwealth Day

The school celebrated Commonwealth Day during the Special Assembly prepared by Yr6.2.

The 52 countries forming the Commonwealth live in Peace, Diversity and Kinship; values which are present in our school everyday life.

The flag consists of the Commonwealth symbol in gold on a blue field. The symbol centres on a globe, representing the global nature of the Commonwealth and the breadth of its membership.

The original design featured a globe surrounded by 61 radiating, approximately quadrilateral, spears, which form a ‘C’ for ‘Commonwealth’.

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Sports Days 2017

This year, the school will be organising a series of sports days instead of one big event.  There will be 4 different Sports Days which will be held in the school yard.  The objective of these Sports Days is totally non-competitive.  The focus is on fun, physical activity and quality time between parents and children.  There will be no spectators since parents have to participate all the time with their children.  So start preparing your water bottles, caps, sunglasses, sunblock and running shoes to participate.

Years 1,2&3- Thursday 6th April- 9:30- 10:30am

Years 4,5 & 6- Thursday 6th April – 11:00-12:00pm

Kindergarten 1- Thursday 20th April 9:30- 10:30am

Kindergarten 2- Thursday 20th April -11:00- 12:00pm



Science Lego Challenge

The Science Lego challenge was held back in February.  Year 4 students together with their parents had a fantastic time….probably some parents enjoyed it more than their children…..

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Year 3 Science/Social Studies fieldwork

The Year 3 Science/Social Studies fieldwork was held on Thursday 2nd March at Ghadira. Children visited the Nature Reserve and then participated in various activities organised by Shark Lab. These included looking closely at different type of litter on the beach; flora treasure hunt; shark egg cases and shark skulls, teeth and skin.

Thanks to Ms Isabel Zerafa for organising the vent.

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Reading with a difference

On Friday 3rd March, the whole school stopped for 30 minutes to hold a reading session.  Each class had the opportunity to choose a unique location in the school with the collaboration of the class teacher where the reading session was to be held.

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Visit by the College Principal

On Wednesday 1st March, Mr Patrick Decelis, Principal Maria Regina College visited our school.  During morning assembly Mr Decelis greeted all students and reminded them to respect one another.  wp_20170301_08_41_03_pro wp_20170301_08_36_16_pro wp_20170301_08_36_08_pro wp_20170301_08_35_53_pro wp_20170301_08_35_49_pro wp_20170301_08_35_45_pro wp_20170301_08_35_40_pro wp_20170301_08_35_36_pro wp_20170301_08_35_21_pro wp_20170301_08_35_15_pro wp_20170301_08_35_06_pro wp_20170301_08_35_03_pro wp_20170301_08_33_32_pro wp_20170301_08_33_26_proMr Decelis spent the rest of the day meeting members of staff and visiting classes.


Poetry in Potato Bags

Poetry in Potato Bags is a project organised in collaboration of Inizjamed and V18 Foundation. Year4 students from Ms Isabelle, Ms Diane and Ms Leanne’s classes will be going into detail about the production and uses of potatoes with the help of expert Mr Emmanuel Bezzina.  The children also had to opportunity to sow their own potatoes in the school vegetable patch. Besides various activities using potatoes (potato printing, potato races), the children will be writing poems with the help of a Maltese poet and sending them over to children in the Netherlands. In turn they will also be receiving poems written by the children from the Netherlands. Some of the children’s works will also be distributed on Potato Bags.

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Airmalta Pilots visit Naxxar Primary School

Airmalta Pilots Captain Cathia Mifsud Bonnici and Shawn Abela visited Naxxar Primary school today Friday 17th February.  During their visit Cathia and Shawn delivered an interesting session to our Year 3 students (Ms Marianne).  The children were delighted to have our guests and showed great interest and knowledge about aviation and flying.  We thank our guests and Ms Sonya Galea (Trainee Counsellor) for making this visit possible.

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