This week in class- 8-13 January

Ms Jeanette Yr 6- Length, Perimeter and Area

Science Assessment- Making a Circuit

Ms Alexia C Yr1-

This week we measured using non-standard units.  We measured the width of the corridor in footsteps and using the P.E. markers.  We also measured different pictures and objects using cubes.

Ms Alexia SB- Yr 1.3- Practising adding in pairs using pipe cleaners and beads

Mr Owen Yr5-

Fieldwork at Marsaxlokk

Maths- Interactive Activity

K1.7 & 1.8 (Ms Estelle and Ms Sabrina)

Your opinion matters- Parents’ Questionnaire

In view of the upcoming external review being held in February, 2018, the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) would like to gather feedback from the parents of learners in our school.  All submissions are anonymous and results will be used collectively as part of the evaluation.

We encourage all parents to submit their questionnaire.    Deadline of submission is,  Friday, 19th January, 2018.  Their feedback is an important contribution to school improvement.


Chicken Pox

Dear Parents,

Kindly have a look at the info below

Infected children and adults are required to stay at home for until the spots become dry and crusted, after which they can return to school or work. They should therefore be seen by a doctor prior to going back to school or work to verify this.

Thus, the school is asking for another doctor’s note besides the Medical Certificate that certifies them fit to attend school.    This is being done without prejudice for  prevention from this infectious disease.


This week in class- First weeks of December

Y1.3- Here are our two favourite activities from this week- Making Christmas cookies and learning about directions with Mr. BeeBot 🙂

Yr2- Ms Janella- Tens and Units

Kinder 1- Ms Prassede- The colour RED- making strawberry jelly and – decorating the Christmas tree using red items only

Special Visit by Simone Debattista to promote L-Istrina


Celebration Day Panto- Yr5 classes

Year4- Ms Leanne- Reading and acting out a play ‘The Monster under the Bed’ in the Literacy Room

Yr5- Mr Owen- 1&2- Superlattiv Assolut, 3- Peer Response, 4- Pairwork

Yr6 Fieldwork- Valletta

This week in class- 27 Nov-1 Dec

Year 4. 3- Estimating and then measuring the length of various items around our classroom and school

Yr 61 and 6.3-  Visit to Għadira Nature Reserve

Year 2.2- Class Hands-on activities

Tell me and I forget, 

Teach me and I remember,

Involve me and I learn.


Year 1.3- In a maths lesson this week we explored the topic of ‘money’. We had a small toy shop set up in class where students could chose a toy, read the price tag and find the correct coin to buy the toy.

Wild Animals- Ms. Prassede & Ms. Melvia (K1.5/K1.6)- Outdoor play and Crafts


Student Council Elections

Students from Year 4,5 and 6 had to opportunity to candidate themselves for the School Students’ Council.  After an intense electoral campaign, 2 students were elected from each year group to form the Student’s Council for 2017/8.  Well done to all!

Volleyball Sessions

Year 6 students had to opportunity to participate in a number of Volleyball sessions at school.  These sessions were conducted by the Malta Volleyball Association as part of the Caqlaq campaign.

Imagine Water

Today marked the last session of this project which started 3 years ago when the children were in Year 4.  The final products will be mounted and displayed in an exhibition in April at St James’ Cavalier and at the Citadella in August.  Well done to all involved.  thanks to artists Luca Cauchi and Sebastien Cailleux for their professional advice.