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TWIC(This Week In Class) 23-27 April

Ms Leanne Yr 4.3 – Maths Lesson: Estimating the weight of different items around our classroom and then measuring them using weights, pan balances, weighing scales, a bathroom scale and digital kitchen scales

Ms Melvia- K1

Car Painting

Mr Owen- Yr5

Short Writing: Adverts. Scarlett describing her experience in an advert. VR Session, and Science Investigation

Ms Jacqueline and Ms Dolores K 1

Ms Jeanette- Yr6

Thanks to Ms.Connie…the students were engaged and really enjoyed the session

Ms. Prassede & Ms. Sarah- K1.5 – K1.6

Mini Beasts- – Making a spider, Cork Printing to make black spots on ladybug


Spelling Strategy

This week we launched our Spelling Strategy at school as part of a Dyslexia Friendly School.  The school is devising a number of initiatives which will not only be beneficial for children with Dyslexia but with the whole cohort.  These initiatives are being put into practice by class teachers with the assistance of the SPLD staff.  Parents are being invited for an in-class session about the topic.

Parent Meeting – Year 5

Parent Meeting – Year 4

Parent Meeting – Year 3

This week in class (9-13 April)

Ms Leanne- Year 4.3 – Students pretended they were one of their idols and others interviewed them. They then interviewed each other in class.

Tiny Teen Science Cafe – Students had the opportunity to meet four professional scientists and ask them questions as well as do some activities with them. In class, students wrote and drew about this unique experience in their journal.

Ms Claire and Ms Bernice- K1.1 and K1.2

Inspired by the story book “The Train Ride”  the children went on a train ride around Rabat, Mdina and Mtarfa area. It was a really successful and enjoyable outing.

Ms Jeanette- Yr6

Imagine Water Exhibition and Workshops

Ms Cutajar -Yr5

Music to my ears….
Ms Gauci- Yr2

Maths Through PE with Parents

Ms Josette- Yr2

Maths and PE activities – Parents were invited in Literacy Activities

Ms Jacqueline and Ms Dolores K 1
This week we’ve started our journey through the prehistoric wonderful world of dinosaurs.

Ms Pam- Yr3

Capacity activity : estimating and counting how many cupfuls of water different containers can hold.

Weight: throwing a grams dice various times and trying to total 1000g.

Fun at San Anton Maths trail.

Ms Melvia- K1

Discussing Sea/Land/Air Transport

Ms Alexia C- Yr1

This week we practised doubling by doubling the number of spots on the butterfly wings.

We also introduced the Topic ‘Symmetry’ and painted a symmetrical butterfly.

We were joined in class by parents for a Creative Writing lesson.

We went on an outing at Esplora

Tiny Teen Science Cafe- 4 amazing scientists….and lots of excited kids…..and parents too..

The concept behind Tiny Teen Science Cafe’ is to provide our children with a hands-on experience in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) subject with the aim to introduce more students to STEM Careers.  Tiny Teen Science Cafe’ was organised in collaboration of  the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes DCLE.  More info in the Presentation below.

Parents’ Presentation

This week in class- 20-23 March

Year4s- Creative Writing Session with Parents

Dinja Wahda- Installation of Bird Table- Ms Maria Sammut

Ms Cutajar- Yr5.3

Maths trail and Train Ride in Vittoriosa

Ms Jacqueline/Ms Dolores- K1

Heavy and light activities and maths journal

Ms Jeanette- Yr6

Mr Owen- Yr5

Birgu Maths trail and train ride

Ms Stephanie- K2

Maths Activities Ms Josette- Yr2

Maths through stories – ‘It’s my birthday!’ – shopping activity in class, Maths activities followed up by a cooking activity

Ms Leanne-Year 4.3 – This week parents joined us in class for a creative writing lesson in which we went on a magic carpet rideMs Chantelle/Ms Dorothy- K2

Making Figolli

Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett- Yr1

This week during a Maths lesson about money we had a shop role play where the children pretended to be shop keepers and customers. 

We also did a fun activity about ‘seeing’ air with the Science Teacher Ms. Charmaine.

During ‘World Down Syndrome Day’ we wore our colourful socks to school and spoke about all of us being  different but all of us special :)! 

Ms Alexia Camilleri- Yr1

This week we practised different ways of making 5.

This week in class- 12-16 March

Ms Pam Yr3

Maths: The children completed a block graph and prepared questions about it for their peers to answer.

Shopping: The children had a 1 euro budget and they had to choose 2 items, find the total, work out the change and pay. They later checked if the change given was correct.

Ms Jeanette Yr6

Football fever…

X’hemm Ta’ Qali

Super- T Tournament

Ms Cutajar- Yr5

Super-T Tournament

Ms Melvia Kinder 1

The shape of a circle. Circle their finger around the shape and Easter Crafts

Ms Daniela -Yr3

Shopping experience at valyou supermarket . Analysing receipts in relation to Maths topic ‘Money and making 100

Mr Owen- yr5

Making fruit kebabs in school’s kitchen

Ms Jacqueline and Ms Dolores K 1


The story “Il-Fenek u l-Fekruna” and related activities.

Ms Claire and Ms Bernice- K1

Ms Alexia- Yr1

This week we used pictures on pebbles for our Oracy lesson. The theme was ‘pirates’. First, we talked about each picture and then the children were given the opportunity to make up their own story using pebbles

Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett- Yr1

This week we practiced the topic of money and also making 5. We also practised our tricky words in a fun way! Ms Janella- Yr2

Maths and PE

Ms Sarah/ Ms Prassede- K1.5/K1.6 photos.

Literacy room – story telling about ‘Il-Fenek u l-Fekruna’. Role play using masks about the story.

Physical Development – Basketball game. The aim was to improve hand and eye coordination and gross motor skills