Free Heritage Cards for Students

Heritage Malta would like to offer all students attending primary school (even those students who are currently in Year 6) a Heritage Card which will entitle the student to visit Heritage sites in Malta and Gozo free of charge even when the student is not on a school outing. This means that the students can visit the Heritage sites during their holidays and carry out any project work that has been assigned to them without incurring additional costs. Students will most probably need to present this card when they are on a school outing as well so please do encourage the parents to register their children.

Kindly log on the Heritage site portal at so that you can register your child.

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Show and Tell Meetings for Parents

Ms Daniela Callus, Literacy Support Teacher held another meeting for parents.  The focus of this meeting was how parents can help their children prepare for their Show and Tell.

Thanks for attending!

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Year Parents’ Meetings re. Tablets

Year 4 parents should find the time to attend for one of these meetings.  These Meetings will be held at Naxxar Primary School on:

Wednesday 16th November at 9:30am and 6:30pm

Monday 21st November at 9:30am


During December 2016, all Year 4 students in State, Church and Independent Schools will be assigned a tablet. As from November, students will be involved in 1 hour preparatory educational meetings delivered by educators specializing in educational tablets, during school hours as coordinated by the eLearning Department. Parents/guardians will also be informed and involved in separate meetings in various schools around the Maltese islands. The aim of these meetings is to help parents understand the benefits of this educational tool and how they could support their children. During such meetings, parents will have the opportunity to use the tablet. Parents/Guardians will take the role of children and will have the chance to see the benefits and ask any questions that may arise in relation to the subject. The eLearning Department, in collaboration with College Principals, is encouraging parents/guardians from State, Church and Independent schools, to participate in these meetings which will commence from October and continued till March/April 2017. All meetings are planned to be held during, after school hours and even on Saturday mornings. Sessions will be delivered in Maltese but there will be sessions conducted in English as indicated in the table below. All meetings are planned for two hours. Sessions will commence at the following times: Morning sessions – 9:30; Evening sessions – 18:00; Saturday sessions – 9:00 Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to choose any day and location they deem fit to be the most convenient for them. In order to deliver a quality service and allow use of the devices, the number of participants per session will be limited. Hence interested parents/legal guardians are encouraged to apply and/or book their seats by not later than 19th November, for the October-November schedule. Once slots are filled up, parents/guardians will be asked to booked for Jan-April schedule. Parents/Guardians can either book through the following online form Alternatively they can phone and ask for Mr.Victor Cremona on 2598 2155 between 8:30 and 15:30