PJs and Popcorn Day

PJs and popcorn Day was a complete success.  Its aim was to think of children who have to spend a considerable amount of time in their pjs due to illness and treatment.


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St Martin’s Feast




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To celebrate St Martin’s feast, all the children were given a traditional ħbejza. Thanks to all the helpers that helped out.

Bubbles for L-Istrina

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Bubbles for L-Istrina / Malta Record / Pink October

We did it…..set up a Malta Record and collected over 500 euro for l-Istrina…….and we went PINK!

New Scholastic Year- circulars

Kindergarten 1

Parents Meeting – Tuesday 29 September at 9:30am (Hall downstairs)


Children will be  admitted to school in 2 groups (1 and 2 October 2015 at 8:30am)

Start of School K1 (group 1)

Start of school K1 (group 2)

Kindergarten 2

Parents Meeting – Tuesday 29 September at 10:30am (Hall downstairs)

Kindergarten 2 children will all be admitted on 1st October at 8:30am

Start of School K2 (amended)

Primary Children

Parents Meeting-

Year 1,2 & 3- Friday 25 September @ 9:00 (Hall upstairs)

Year 4,5 & 6-Friday 25 September @ 10:30 (Hall upstairs)

Start of school- Primary