Mathematics Meetings for Parents

The first of a series of meetings for parents was held on Friday 21st October.  Attendance was very encouraging.

Next meetings will be held as follows:

9/11/2016- Addition and Subtraction

7/12/2016- Division

20/01/2017- Time

23/02/2017- Fractions

29/03/2017- Measurement

02/05/2017- Problem Solving

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Visit by College Principal and the SKJETTI Team 20/10/2016


Thursday 20th October was a special day for our pupils at Naxxar Primary School.  The College Principal, Mr Patrick Decelis, visited the school.  Besides greeting the children during assembly, Mr Decelis visited various classrooms and held meetings with members of staff.

We also had a special visit by the crew of the Skjetti TV programme.  All the Primary students had the opportunity to participate in a survey denoting the things which they would like to change and improve in their everyday school life.  The programme will be aired on 2nd November on TVM in late afternoon.

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Bumalift- Gentle Reminder

3031bd8b-7936-43b3-9c32-ffb60a71df13Dear Naxxar Primary parents,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Bumalift is now being offered at Maria Regina College.

It is 100% free and offers new features such as a chat function and notifies you when new users sign up in your area.

There will be no change in the normal transport arrangements offered by the school. This is just another option for those who normally use their personal transport.

For those of you who don’t know Bumalift yet, please find below some key information:

– Bumalift is the Maltese carpooling mobile application for parents who want to take turns bringing their children to school.

– A first version was previously launched in January. Since then, the network of schools and users has grown, covering more than 250 parents in Malta.

– See the Bumalift introduction video here:

We can only encourage you to sign up to this initiative right now for the following reasons:

– It’s safe: all parents are registered and have input the unique token linked to this particular school.

– It’s the right time: with the Kappara Junction project starting and the development of High Occupancy Vehicles lanes across Malta (Cars with more than 3 persons including driver are able to use bus lanes), carpooling is a sure way of reaching your destination faster.

– It’s 100% free and allows you to be prepared for the next scholastic year.

The initiative is very successful and received a warm welcome from the public:

Registration is simple:


The service is 100% free, supported by Transport Malta. Moreover, you will only be matched with parents from our school.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Bumalift team on 9921 8499 or 7988 6164 or by email on


Thank you,