Milk Scheme 2021

Attn. Parents-Milk Scheme 2021- Instead of getting their milk at school, children will receive vouchers at home to collect 500 ml of milk per week from participating retail outlets.To enrol parents/guardians will be asked to fill in a digital participation form accessible from

2021- New Year…new challenges…let’s keep safe by working together!

Dear parents,

Now that the Christmas holidays are coming to an end, we are gearing up to prepare for the second term. This will start on Thursday 7th January.

All protocols adopted in the last term will still be in place. This includes, staggered entries and exits, temperature taking, sanitizing of hands, distanced seating in class, no outings and mass activities, breaks in clusters, etc. We kindly ask for your cooperation in this regard. May we also remind you that:

You should not send your children to school if they are sick (fever, cough, runny noses, diarrhoea, etc)

If children are picked up from school due to sickness, a FIT FOR SCHOOL NOTE by a medical practitioner is required once the child returns to school.

ALL absences (even for 1 day), need to be justified by a Medical Certificate this scholastic year. The Medical Certificate needs to specify exactly on which date the student is to return to school. Students cannot return to school BEFORE the date indicated by the doctor.

NON-MEDICAL absences need to be justified. These might include Music and Dance Exams, dental appointments and hospital appointments. A copy of the appointment/notification is requested. If this is not provided, the school would need a FIT FOR SCHOOL Certification by the Doctor. Particular cases and special permissions should be discussed with the school administration before the actual absence.

Starting Dates

Wednesday 7th October- Kinder 2 and Year 6
Thursday 8th October- Kinder 1 (Group A) and Year 1
Friday 9th October- Kinder 1 (Group B) and Year 3
Monday 12th October- Year 4
Tuesday 13th October- Year 2
Wednesday 14th October- Year 5

Please refer to the other post with the time of entrance and dismissal

School Entrance/Dismissal

New Entrance Times

Below please find the details of entrance and dismissal. We ask you to be punctual. Late-comers will have to wait until everyone goes in. Doors will be labelled for identification. Kindly note that during Entrance, NO parents will be allowed beyond the gates. Students will also need to have their temperature measured at the entrance. Students displaying a temperature of more that 37.2C, will not be allowed to enter. So please do not leave students unattended. Students using transport found with a temperature of more than 37.2C, will be directed to the Isolation Room. Parents will need to pick them up immediately.

During dismissal, parents will be called to enter the front garden(at a distance) in an organised manner, class by class. Once children are picked up, exit is through the side gate.

Breakfast and Transport

Students registered for Breakfast and students using Transport will be entering the school through the Central Doors (M and O). Last entry for Breakfast is at 8:00am.

On-Board Transport Supervisors will be available ONLY on routes carrying students in Kindergarten (3 out of 5). Students are required to wear their masks/visors until they arrive in their Designated Area/Class. Possibly they should always sit in the same seat. Students who misbehave or fail to follow these rules, will lose their right to free transport. Students using School Transport and students registered for Breakfast will be guided to their Designated Areas/Classroom. They will be grouped according to their class-bubble. Students who have applied for Breakfast will pick up their packed Breakfast and proceed to the designated area/class. They will be supervised until the class teacher takes over. Students using transport displaying a temperature of more than 37.2C, will be directed to the Isolation Room. Parents will need to pick them up immediately.


Start of School (Update 2)
Dear Parents,
We hope that you are all keeping safe. We are super busy preparing the school premises to host our beloved children.

Authorities are suggesting that the starting dates MIGHT CHANGE in order to have a staggered entry (not all children starting on the same day) for the safety of our children. Hence we are still waiting for further directions by the authorities

In the coming days, we will be posting the online meeting by the Head of School on this page so that everyone can watch at his own convenience.

Besides, (probably on Monday or Tuesday) you will be receiving an SMS with the class teacher’s name. Kindly prepare a tag/label to be be worn on the first day of school so that your children can be directed to their new classrooms. You will also be given details about the online meeting with the teacher at a later stage)

Shortly, we will also be publishing the times and locations of entrance and dismissal on this page.

Make sure that you still have your child’s ilearn address and password so that you will be able to access MS TEAMS. This will be a very important communication tool with the school.
R Galea
Head of School