TWIC (3-7 December)

K1.5/K1.6- Ms.Prassede & Ms. Melvia- Cooking Activity – Decorating the Gingerbread Man with yoghurt and decorating it with a variety of fruits.

 Yr1- Ms Alexia C- Using letters on bottle caps to make words in Maltese

Yr5- Mr Owen- capacity-hands on activities

Year6 Social Studies fieldwork

Yr3- Ms Daniela- A fun shopping experience at the supermarket as part of the learning process to achieve the learning outcome ‘Making 100cents’.

Yr3- Ms Mireille- Science: Understanding that like poles of a magnet repel and unlike poles attract

Yr3- Ms Pam- Maths length lesson outside of the classroom. In groups the children had to draw a line as close as possible to 1m in length. They then used a measuring tape to see if their estimation was correct. They then used trundle wheels to measure the length and width of the yard.

TWIC 26-30 November

K1.1 and K1.2

Our small pilots took us to China😊where we had fun cooking noodles and working as a team creating fireworks using foam and paint.Our Chinese friend Larry also tried teaching us some Chinese words.We concluded the week dying noodles for sensory play.

YR 1.3 This week we carried out a Christmas themed experiment. We used Christmas shapes and filled them with bicarbonate of soda. We poured in white vinegar and this caused a bubbling explosion 🙂 

Yr6- Ms Jeanette

Yr 1.1- Growing Vetches (Ġurbiena) in class

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Mental Maths Activity: Breaking the Code!

Yr3- Ms Mireille- This week we discussed things that can be measured in metres and others that can be measured in centimetres. We also practised giving estimates of the length of various objects and then measured them to assess how accurate our predictions were.

K1- Ms Melvia/Ms Prassede- Planting Vetch/ Science Experiment ‘Grow the Grinch’s Heart using a green balloon

TWIC (19-22 November)

Yr1- Ms Alexia C- We did a Maths session on problem solving. The children were involved in free play activities using tangrams and cuisenaire rods. They were also given dominoes and playing cards and asked to find different ways of making 8


Yr3- Ms Mireille-Reinforcing mathematical knowledge and skills through activities: matching game, card game and designing our snowman using shapes of a cube.Yr6- Ms Jeanette

Yr5- Mr Owen- use of kahoot quizes on tablet during lessons

K1.1/1.2-Learning invitation, passport, what do you find in a luggage, the pilot

Reverse Advent Calendar

This is last year’s Christmas tree.  It was made from food donations brought by our students during the Reverse Foodbank initiative.Naxxar Primary School has joined the Reverse Advent Calendar Project in aid of the Foodbank at 210, Old Bakery Street, Valletta. Every day, starting Monday 3rd December till Friday 14th December. All the students will donate one non-perishable food item, from cans of food to sugar to cereals. The class teacher will tell the students what and when to bring the item to school.Project Reverse – Naxxar

Every single item will go towards people in desperate need, who unfortunately won’t have the kind of Christmas we are all excited about. This is a fully voluntary initiative. Feel free to opt out without prejudice!

So help us make a difference! Share your food! Share your joy!



TWIC 12-16 November

Yr2.3- Ms Anna

Great resources with recycled material – bottle taps sealed in fruit containers to teach place value of numbers and letters written on bottle taps for word building

K1- Ms Melvia/Ms Prassede- Various games regarding number 2 value– Maths Journal (printing 2 stars to make the value of number 2)

Yr1- Ms Alexia C

We did an experiment related to the sense of smell. The children had to record their guesses by drawing on the result sheet.

We read the story ‘Hamilton’s Hats’. After the first reading we did the story sequencing in pairs.

We practised number value through the use of ten frames


Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Using blocks to understand the relationship between multiplication and division

Yr3- Ms Pam- Sorting and exploring the properties of 2d shapes

Yr2- Ms Josette-  During Science lesson we learnt about the different parts of a flower and their basic functions. We did this experiment to see that water actually goes up through the stem to the whole flower.

Yr5- Mr Owen-drama session with Helen O Grady

Yr3- Ms Daniela

Yr6- Ms Jeanette

Yr1.1- Ms Deguara- Niktbu l-ittra J

TWIC (This Week In Class) 6-9 November

Yr2- Ms Gauci
Maths through PE
MsJacqueline and Ms Dolores K1.1 and K1.2
This week kids got familiar with aeroplanes.They had fun playing with mini planes and runway they’ve created.We ended the week with a science experiment with balloons to explain the concept of gravity.

Preparing for St. Martin Feast – Class K1.5/K1.6

Yr 1- Ms Alexia C-We talked about the human body during Science.

We did the Maths Journaling. The children were given different shapes and they had to create their own pictures using shapes. The children were allowed to share their creative work with their classmates. This enabled them to use vocabulary related to 2D shapes and to assess each other’s work.

We practised CV and CVC words in Maltese using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method.

Yr1.1- Treasure Hunt! Hunting for numbers and shapes in the playground!

Yr5 Mr Owen- reading … literacy room

TWIC (This Week In Class) 29-31 October

Yr1- Ms Alexia C

We introduced the topic ‘2D shapes’. The children worked in stations to: Sort shapes, Look for shapes that were hidden in the coloured rice,  make shapes using popsicle sticks, create pictures using shapes.

We planted pumpkin seeds during Science and made bats for Halloween ☺


K2- Ms Chantelle/Ms Dorothy

Lava lamp experiment

Yr1.1- Ms Deguara

Practising our writing with coloured chalk

Yr3- Ms Daniela

Yr2 Ms Josette

Science- Pumpkin investigation; The students held the pumpkin in their hands to see how heavy it is. They guessed whether a whole pumpkin sinks or floats. They measured its height in blocks and once the teacher opened it, to their surprise they found that some seeds had already sprouted. The children, with the help of the teacher counted to seeds in the pumpkin!Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Halloween related activities and crafts

TWIC (This Week In Class) 22-26 October

Ms Alexia C- Yr1

This week we practised counting using dice and play dough. The children worked in pairs – they had to roll the die and add that number of fruit on the tree using play dough.

We talked about the lifecycle of the pumpkin. During this activity the children practised scissoring skills.


We revised the letters we did so far ☺

“Painting to different kinds of music” K2.3 and K2.4

Ms. Prassede & Ms. Sarah/Ms.Melvia- K1.5/K1.6

Our Senses – Squeezing orange juice to taste

Yr 4.3 Ms Leanne – Science Experiment: We planted seeds this week and we will be observing how seeds grow in different conditions.

Yr5- Mr Owen

Groupwork and teamwork in class

Ms Alexia SB- This week we did some fun maths activities:

– counting pegs and clipping them to uno cards, fishing and sorting some 2d shapes, making 2d shapes using lollipop sticks

We also learned about different parts of the body and our skeleton during Science 🙂

Ms Dolores/Ms Jacqueline

Our Garden, Our Pet, Number 1 and Circles.

MsJeanette Yr6

Science quiz about healthy eating

TWIC (This Week In Class) 15-19 October

P2.3 Ms Anna –Exploring 2D shapes


Yr 1.3-   During our Science lessons this week we have been learning all about Pumpkins. We first started to learn about the pumpkin life cycle and how pumpkins start off as just a tiny seed!  We also discovered that pumpkins do float, no matter how hard we tried to press them down and make them sink!  We also cut open our pumpkin and found hundreds of seeds inside 😊

P 4.2- Measuring the width of a desk using non-standard units such as a paperclip

Year 4.3 Ms Leanne – Estimating and measuring the length of various items in our classroom.

Yr 5- Mr Owen- Interactive games and parents’ meeting

Teamwork Yr5.1 Mental Warm up Activity

Yr 1.2-This week we used resources from our Maths tool box to practise counting.

K1- Ms Sarah/Ms Prassede – All About meMs Claire & Ms Stephanie’s classes Kinder 2.5 & 2.6 organised an event with the children’s grandparents to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. It was a one hour of different activities where the kids and grandparents worked, played and had fun together making play dough faces, drawing each other and even take some photos together to treasure. It was a memorable event for both children and grandparents.