Virtual Teaching At MRC Naxxar Primary School

When? How?

Virtual Teaching is planned between Monday 15th March and Tuesday 30th March. Friday 19th March is a Public Holiday so no lessons will be held. Easter Holidays run between 31/03 and 11/04. We will follow instructions by Health Authorities on what will happen on Monday 12th April. It is too early to discuss.

Class teachers will be using the MS Teams Platform. You need to log in MS Teams using the student’s ILEARN account and password. There will be a complement of LIVE lessons on a daily basis together with other tasks considered as Homework.

Students are required to attend live lessons. This includes children who are not attending due to pandemic fears. Attendance will be registered.

If you have issues with devices and/or internet at home you can register on the link below or call on helpline 25981000. Applications will be vetted by Education Authorities and not by the school.

MySchool is going to be an essential tool. For this type of information, together with any type of communication sent by the school, you will need to refer to MySchool ( We recommend that you check your announcements on MySchool every morning.

Etiquette for Virtual Lessons

Pupils need to be punctual for the lessons. They should be ready for their lesson five minutes before. Students should have their breakfast before the start of the lessons! This is not a movie show or a visit to the cinema! Eating during lessons is to be avoided. There will be ample time between lessons!

Students are to dress appropriately with their hair done neatly and definitely not in their PJs or housecoats. They could opt to wear the school top. This will put the students in the right frame of mind.

Teachers will start the lesson. Students should not start the lesson themselves.

Attendance will be taken at the start of each day.

Cameras need to be ON all the times except when instructed by the teacher to turn them off. Please keep in mind that your household might be seen and heard in the background! Please avoid embarrassing yourselves.

Students are not allowed to record any lessons or to take screenshots.

Chatting on private TEAMS or other platform is not tolerated. This may give start to online bullying. Parents should keep an eye on this.

Q What shall I do if I have difficulties related to the password?
A For difficulties related to the password, you need to contact your school where you will be able to get the help needed. If you happen to have changed your password to a different one, you need to use the FORGOT PASSWORD option.
Q Will there be a timetable for lessons?
A Yes, there will be a timetable that the lessons will follow.

Q Will students be able to access and leave lessons when they please?
A No. In order for the teaching and learning to be consistent and of quality everyone needs to follow the online timetable and the allotted times. Students are also expected to behave appropriately and not disturb or distract others.

Q Can parents follow lessons with their children?
A Particularly with children of a young age, there should be an adult close by that can supervise. However, it is of utmost importance that only students communicate during lessons. Only students are to ask and answer questions.

Q Can I find guidance on how to access, work, find and upload work on Microsoft Teams?
A Yes, follow the guidelines on:
Q Can I find guidance to access My School?
A Yes, follow the guidelines on:

Q At what time will the lessons take place?
A Lessons will continue to follow the school timetable. They will be slightly shorter so that there is a break between lessons.
Q How long will lessons be?
A The length of lessons for students at primary level will be according to the current school timetable but will include more frequent breaks. This will be communicated through the class teacher or school administration. For early years (from Kinder to Year 2) the timetable will be more flexible. There will be breaks between activities/lessons to ensure focus and interest from students during the actual activities/lessons.

Q Why will lessons be shorter?
A There are a number of reasons including the fact that it is not healthy for a person to be in front of a screen for a very long time. Lessons that are too long lack effectiveness and students tend to loose interest.

Q What can I expect from online teaching?
A Class and subject teachers will be continuing teaching online instead of face-to-face teaching in class.
Q Does this mean that they will continue teaching according to their syllabi?
A Yes, teaching will continue and it will follow the respective syllabus.
Q Will children see their teacher and their friends?
A Yes, they will be able to do this through Microsoft Teams. Teachers may ask students to keep their cameras on.

Q Will LSEs keep supporting students and how will this be done?
A Yes, the same LSEs that are currently offering support in class will be present to give their support online. Microsoft Teams allows an LSE to communicate with students individually or in small groups, where needed.

Q Will students’ attendance be taken?
A Yes, teachers will be taking an online attendance everyday through MySchool. As per normal practice, it is important to inform the school administration if a student will not be attending school. A reason needs to be given.
Q Will homework be assigned?
A Yes, homework will be assigned by the teacher and it will also be corrected.
Q Will assessment continue to take place?
A Yes, assessment will continue during online teaching and learning.

Q What happens if a teacher is sick?
A If a teacher is not available to deliver lessons due to illness or other reasons, parents/students will be informed through an announcement on MySchool ( It is important to follow these announcements on MySchool regularly.

Q Can we communicate with educators at any time?
A Educators will be teaching and doing school related work during school hours and their working hours. They are therefore not expected to reply outside of these working hours and contact with them needs to follow normal procedures.

Q Are there recorded lessons?
A Yes, you can find lessons which are being recorded during this scholastic year. These are accessible on demand on ‘Recorded Lessons’ through the site
Q Do I pay for lessons on demand?
A No. These lessons are available to anyone for free. They can be accessed at any time and as frequently as needed.

Q Will I be able to speak to someone at school?
A Yes, the school will be open online. Just as you could contact the school previously, you will be able to do so now, whist the school is online.