Reading Stars Award

Reading Stars
To promote reading in our school we have decided to award pupils who borrow and read books from our class libraries. Class libraries are well equipped with fiction and non-fiction books, both Maltese and English. A good number of books have been sponsored by parents during parents’ day.
Since the beginning of the year we have been prompting pupils to borrow books and log them on the school’s blue reading sheet. Learners who have read a substantial amount of books will be awarded certificates as follows:
Bronze certificate for reading 45 books or more
Silver certificate for reading 90 books or more
Gold certificate for reading 135 books or more
Platinum certificate for reading 180 books or more
Outstanding certificate for reading 225 books or more
Photos of our reading stars are displayed on our “Wall of Fame” in the school foyer.

Reading Super Stars Awards
At the end of the year the pupil who reads most books from each year group will be awarded the Reading Super Star trophy. This initiative was inspired by the famous Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. In fact our Reading Super Star trophy is very similar to the Academy Awards statuette.
A photo of last year’s reading super stars is displayed in a frame in the school foyer on our “Wall of Fame”.
Reading Super Stars for scholastic year 2017 – 2018 were:
Year 1

Reading Stars Awards

These awards are organised by the school. They are given on the basis of the number of library books that are certified as complete by the parents on the Reading Record Cards.

Bronze Award- 45 books or more

Silver Awards- 90 books or more

Gold Award- 135 books or more

TWIC 1-5 April

Ms Mireille Year 3.1 Making predictions about the capacities of various containers and assessing our predictions, using non standard units.

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Oracy lesson with Ms Daniela: Id-Dragun Draganti

Ms Jacqueline & Ms Dolores K1
Easter Activities.
Ekoskola Councillors attend for Ekoskola Parliament Session

TWIC (25-29 March)

Ms Jeanette-Yr6-
Today we spoke about the importance of being positive and to never give up in times of difficulties but to try harder amongst other things.

Mr Owen- Yr5-
use of probots to design the Collegefest theme B+ (be positive)

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – At the toy shop: working out how much change needs to be given when paying for an item.

K1- Ms Prassede/Ms Melvia- ‘Luca Aquilina a Year 5 student visited our class. He showed the younger ones a presentation on butterflies and they had the chance to see real life cocoons and butterflies.’

TWIC (18-23 March)

K1.5/K1.6 -Ms.Prassede/Ms.Melvia- Life Cycle of a Butterfly /Making a Butterfly to learn symmetry

Ms Jacqueline & Ms Dolores K1- Games and Activities related to topic Music.

Ms Mireille- Yr3.1-Science activity: Identifying familiar substances by way of smell..

Celebration Day

The long awaited day in our school’s calendar is indeed Celebration Day. On the 22nd March 2019, our school honoured both the social and academic achievement of our young students during a Prize Giving Ceremony held in the School Hall, Naxxar Primary, Maria Regina College.
Nonetheless, this year, our school opened its doors to hundreds of diligent
learners, their families and other invitees to enjoy this fruitful event. The climax of this year’s celebration was another musical, Hoodwinked, a swashbuckling modern adaptation of the traditional Robin Hood. Presented by our Year 5 young actors, Hoodwinked literally hooked the audience with gusto! Consecutively another performance of great success. Thumbs up!

Special thanks go to the Head of College Network, Mr Patrick Decelis for his constant support and Naxxar Mayor Ms Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami together with other Local Councillors for sponsoring the prizes on the night.

TWIC (18-22 Feb)

Ms Daniela- Yr3-
Maths through PE Introduction to Division – sharing equally

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Practising the four cardinal directions: North, South, East and West.

Mr Owen-Yr5- auditions for the mini musical (celebration day)

K 1.1 & 1.2- Topic Indians: Creating the Carnival Costume.

Physical education plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy life style. It promotes our physical strength and is above all enjoyable and motivating! Year 3.1

TWIC (11-15 Feb)

Ms Jeanette- Yr6-Synonyms activity during a Maltese lesson

Ms Josette-Year 2.2 -Maths Problem Solving activity

Ms Mireille- Yr3- Spelling session: Here are some activities we do to improve our spelling, using the look, say, cover, write and check method – writing in salt trays, rainbow writing, writing on mini whiteboards, using plastic letters

Ms Pam3.2: Science: Figuring out how to make the bulb light using a simple electric circuit. Maths : using double ten frames and caps to explore addition facts of 20

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – 3D shapes feely bag activity

Ms Alexia C- Yr1-This week we practised directions using the Beebot.
We practised writing using multi-sensory activities.

Ms Jacqueline & Ms Dolores K1-In class this week we discussed how we can spread love and kids came out with great ideas, like making picture notes for their class mates, gifts to take home, a treat for our friends the birds and as a gardening activity kids planted the word LOVE. Ms Prassede/Ms Melvia- K1-

Activity – Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Children sticking pictures of healthy and unhealthy food  correctly on the yellow or white tooth