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February intake 2024

Dear all, a gentle reminder that February intake students will start on the Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th February 2024 according to the child’s registration number. Please see table below:

Reading stars AWARDS 2023/24 – Term 1

We are proud to present our Reading Stars Awards for Term 1:

Yr 1s Bronze Award
Yr 1 Silver Award
Yr 2s Bronze Award
Yr 3s Bronze Award
Year 3s Bronze and Silver Awards
Yr 4s Bronze Award
Yr 4s Silver Award
Yr 5s Bronze Award
Yr 5s Silver Award
Yr 6s Bronze Award
Yr 6s Silver Award

reading stars awards 2022/23

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present our Reading Stars for this scholastic year. Awards were given a as follows: Bronze Award-45 books, Silver Award- 90 Books, Gold Award- 135 books, Platinum Awards- 180 books and Outstanding Award- 225 Books

Reading Stars Awards

The Reading Stars Awards are given to ALL students who read a given amount of books borrowed from the class libraries. The available awards are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum…..





Teacher/Parent Meetings

Below please find the dates and times for the teacher/parent meetings to be held. Meetings will be held online on MS Teams. Links- will be sent the day before the meeting. The message by the Head of School will be recorded through a video and will be sent before these meetings.

Kinder 1Thursday 29th September 9:30-10:30
Kinder 2Thursday 29th September 10:30- 11:30
Year 1Tuesday 27th September 9:00-9:30
Year 2Tuesday 27th September 9:30-10:00
Year 3Tuesday 27th September 10:00-10:30
Year 4Tuesday 27th September 10:30-11:00
Year 5Tuesday 27th September 11:00-11:30
Year 6Tuesday 27th September 11:30-12:00