This week in Class (22-26 January)

Year 3- Ms Daniela

It’s all about fractions. Using wooden fruit cut in half as an introduction to halves. Using lego blocks to build a fraction wall. Making pizzas with different toppings according to fraction notation. Interactive games as well as written tasks.

Science Experiment: Rain cloud in a jar

Ms Jacqueline K1.3 and Ms Dolores K1.4

Making Butterflies


Year 4 – Ms Leanne

On Friday it was The Holocaust Memorial Day so we researched about the Holocaust and World War 2 on DK encyclopedia. We jotted down notes on our journal too. Then we created a photostory on our tablet. Finally we visited the Holocaust memorial in the playground Working out receipt totals and then working out change needed using euro notes and coins.

Year 5 – Mr Owen

Literacy Room Session

Tablet Session

Maths Hands-On- Length

Malti- L-oppost

Year 1- Ms Alexia Camilleri

This week we practised ‘taking away’ by playing the ‘chameleon and ladybugs’ game. The chameleon ate a different number of ladybugs each time and the children had to count how many bugs were left.

We also weighed different objects to practise heavy and light

Year 1- Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett

This week we practised taking away through a fun game of ‘subtraction smash’

Ms Sarah and Ms Prassede- K1.5/K1.6

Life cycle of a butterfly with pasta and cooking activity to create a caterpillar

Ms Dolores K 1.4 and Ms Jacqueline K1.3

The colour Green