This week in class- 19-23 February

Ms Melvia K1.9

Discussing healthy/unhealthy foods

Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett-Year 1.3 –

This week we explored two fun maths topics- 2d / 3d shapes and direction and positional language

Ms Jeanette- Yr6

Creative Session Session for Parents

Ms Elaine- Yr4

Interviewing a Blacksmith

Ms Diane- Yr6

Creative Writing Session for parents

Ms Stephanie- Kinder 2

Patterns, Baby Animals and Weight

Mr Owen- Yr5

Use of Tablets

GroupworkInvestigations Writing their own Maths Mental TestScience

Social StudiesPeer ResponseReflections and Symetry
Nigel’s visit

Ms Daniela- Yr3

Learning through play : Introduction to Division

Ms Estelle & Ms Sabrina- Kinder 1

Show and Tell Session; Children talking about toys they like to play with, how they spend their free time and showing off new siblings. A great way to enhance their social, literacy and communication skills

Ms Mariella- Yr3

Skip Counting

Marble Printing
Ms Chantelle & Ms DOrothy

Our topic for this month in kinder 2.1 and 2.2 is people who help us. This week we focused on doctor and dentist. We did various activities and also had a special visitor.

Ms Leanne – Yr4

Capacity Investigation – Estimating the capacity of various containers and then measuring their capacity using measuring jugs

Ms Alexia Camilleri- Yr1

This week we practised the initial, middle and final sounds through group work activities. The children had to rotate from one station to another to do each activity.

We did the letter ‘l’. The children had to use the Beebot to find pictures that start with ‘l’.

We also practised counting in twos. We read a story entitled ‘How many feet in bed?’, we played online games and we finished the caterpillar’s body by using paint to make fingerprints

Ms Sarah & Ms Prassede-  K1.5/K1.6The Three Little Pigs story project.

Collage of the straw, sticks and bricks house with hay, popsicle sticks and sponge printing with rectangle shape to form bricks.

The children had to choose a character either pig or wolf to make a mask.

Literacy room session- first the children had to listen to the story of The Three Little Pigs then they had to act it out using props.

It is important to teach children from a very young age to reuse and recycle. We reused milk cartons to create different houses of the Three Little Pigs that is hay, sticks or bricks.