This week in class- 12-16 March

Ms Pam Yr3

Maths: The children completed a block graph and prepared questions about it for their peers to answer.

Shopping: The children had a 1 euro budget and they had to choose 2 items, find the total, work out the change and pay. They later checked if the change given was correct.

Ms Jeanette Yr6

Football fever…

X’hemm Ta’ Qali

Super- T Tournament

Ms Cutajar- Yr5

Super-T Tournament

Ms Melvia Kinder 1

The shape of a circle. Circle their finger around the shape and Easter Crafts

Ms Daniela -Yr3

Shopping experience at valyou supermarket . Analysing receipts in relation to Maths topic ‘Money and making 100

Mr Owen- yr5

Making fruit kebabs in school’s kitchen

Ms Jacqueline and Ms Dolores K 1


The story “Il-Fenek u l-Fekruna” and related activities.

Ms Claire and Ms Bernice- K1

Ms Alexia- Yr1

This week we used pictures on pebbles for our Oracy lesson. The theme was ‘pirates’. First, we talked about each picture and then the children were given the opportunity to make up their own story using pebbles

Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett- Yr1

This week we practiced the topic of money and also making 5. We also practised our tricky words in a fun way! Ms Janella- Yr2

Maths and PE

Ms Sarah/ Ms Prassede- K1.5/K1.6 photos.

Literacy room – story telling about ‘Il-Fenek u l-Fekruna’. Role play using masks about the story.

Physical Development – Basketball game. The aim was to improve hand and eye coordination and gross motor skills