This week in class- 20-23 March

Year4s- Creative Writing Session with Parents

Dinja Wahda- Installation of Bird Table- Ms Maria Sammut

Ms Cutajar- Yr5.3

Maths trail and Train Ride in Vittoriosa

Ms Jacqueline/Ms Dolores- K1

Heavy and light activities and maths journal

Ms Jeanette- Yr6

Mr Owen- Yr5

Birgu Maths trail and train ride

Ms Stephanie- K2

Maths Activities Ms Josette- Yr2

Maths through stories – ‘It’s my birthday!’ – shopping activity in class, Maths activities followed up by a cooking activity

Ms Leanne-Year 4.3 – This week parents joined us in class for a creative writing lesson in which we went on a magic carpet rideMs Chantelle/Ms Dorothy- K2

Making Figolli

Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett- Yr1

This week during a Maths lesson about money we had a shop role play where the children pretended to be shop keepers and customers. 

We also did a fun activity about ‘seeing’ air with the Science Teacher Ms. Charmaine.

During ‘World Down Syndrome Day’ we wore our colourful socks to school and spoke about all of us being  different but all of us special :)! 

Ms Alexia Camilleri- Yr1

This week we practised different ways of making 5.