TWIC (This Week In Class)7-11 May

Ms Jeanette- Yr6

Ms Cutajar – Year 5.3

Maths Activity with Parents, Science Fieldwork and Mother’s Day Cooking Activity

Ms Melvia- Kinder 1

Sinking and Floating

Ms Anna- Year 2,3

Maths through PE Bridging Through 10Maths Activity at Għajn TuffieħaYear 4.3 – Mental Maths: QR code treasure hunt and bingo games.

Special Assembly (Year 5.1- England)

Ms Alexia C- Yr 1- This week we introduced the topic time. How long is 1 minute? How many times can we go down the slide in 1 minute? How many times can we jump over the hurdles in 1 minute? We used the sane timer as a 1 minute timer. We also practised the tricky words through the use of board games and online games.