Beach Day Treat for Year 5.2

On 23rd May 2018 we had a special treat since Year 5.2 won the 10c challenge.  The students discussed different ideas with the teacher and the Headmaster about the treat.  Finally, we decided upon a Beach Day at Għadira Bay.  We were counting the days …


The day arrived!  Our hearts were beating rapidly as we felt excited.  We came to school wearing our beach clothes and carrying sand buckets, spades and water guns!  Mr. Kyle and Ms. Karen came with us to help our teacher, Mr. Owen.  By 9.30am we were at the beach.  Instantly we started the activities our teachers had prepared for us.  These included Lions and Tigers, Obstacle Races and Water Games.  Afterwards, we swam for some time.  Obviously, everyone was eager to splash the water and use the water guns!  Later we had a challenge to build a structure on the sandy beach.  The children were divided into three groups where every child shared an important role.  It was really fun as two groups decided to create a model like Mdina while the other group created a treasure island with a mermaid guardian.  It was yummy time as everyone was starving.  We had our food and drinks at “Sandy Waters”.  The food was mouth-watering while we refreshed ourselves with some cold drinks too.  At noon, we had a swim in the shallow waters of Għadira.  Finally, we had an ice-cream.

Before leaving, we made sure we left the beach spic and span.  All children were over the moon although feeling rather exhausted.  We thanked the Headmaster and our teachers for this memorable day we spent together.


Written by Year 5.2 students during creative writing.