Reading Stars

To promote reading in our school we have decided to award pupils who borrow and read books from our class libraries. Class libraries are well equipped with fiction and non-fiction books, both Maltese and English. A good number of books have been sponsored by you parents during parents’ day.  Besides, the National Literacy Agency has donated 100 books in each class.  Since the beginning of the year we have been prompting pupils to borrow books and log them on the school’s blue reading sheet. Learners who have read a substantial amount of books will be awarded certificates as follows:
Bronze for reading 45 books or more
Silver for reading 90 books or more
Gold for reading 135 books or more
Platinum for reading 180 books or more
Outstanding for reading 225 books or more


Platinum and Outstanding


Yr1.1- Bronze


Yr1.2 Bronze

Yr1.3- Bronze

Yr2 Silver

Yr 2- Bronze

Yr3- Silver

Yr 3-Bronze 


Yr5 -SilverYr5- Bronze

Yr6- Silver

Yr6 – Bronze

Reading Super Stars Awards
At the end of the year the pupil who reads most books from each year group will be awarded the Reading Super Star title.
This year the awards go to:
Year 1 Jamie

Year 2 Charles
Year 3- Desiree
Year 4- Maganne
Year 5- Martina
Year 6- Jayden