TWIC (This Week In Class) 22-26 October

Ms Alexia C- Yr1

This week we practised counting using dice and play dough. The children worked in pairs – they had to roll the die and add that number of fruit on the tree using play dough.

We talked about the lifecycle of the pumpkin. During this activity the children practised scissoring skills.


We revised the letters we did so far ☺

“Painting to different kinds of music” K2.3 and K2.4

Ms. Prassede & Ms. Sarah/Ms.Melvia- K1.5/K1.6

Our Senses – Squeezing orange juice to taste

Yr 4.3 Ms Leanne – Science Experiment: We planted seeds this week and we will be observing how seeds grow in different conditions.

Yr5- Mr Owen

Groupwork and teamwork in class

Ms Alexia SB- This week we did some fun maths activities:

– counting pegs and clipping them to uno cards, fishing and sorting some 2d shapes, making 2d shapes using lollipop sticks

We also learned about different parts of the body and our skeleton during Science 🙂

Ms Dolores/Ms Jacqueline

Our Garden, Our Pet, Number 1 and Circles.

MsJeanette Yr6

Science quiz about healthy eating