TWIC (This Week In Class) 29-31 October

Yr1- Ms Alexia C

We introduced the topic ‘2D shapes’. The children worked in stations to: Sort shapes, Look for shapes that were hidden in the coloured rice,  make shapes using popsicle sticks, create pictures using shapes.

We planted pumpkin seeds during Science and made bats for Halloween ☺


K2- Ms Chantelle/Ms Dorothy

Lava lamp experiment

Yr1.1- Ms Deguara

Practising our writing with coloured chalk

Yr3- Ms Daniela

Yr2 Ms Josette

Science- Pumpkin investigation; The students held the pumpkin in their hands to see how heavy it is. They guessed whether a whole pumpkin sinks or floats. They measured its height in blocks and once the teacher opened it, to their surprise they found that some seeds had already sprouted. The children, with the help of the teacher counted to seeds in the pumpkin!Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Halloween related activities and crafts