TWIC (This Week In Class) 6-9 November

Yr2- Ms Gauci
Maths through PE
MsJacqueline and Ms Dolores K1.1 and K1.2
This week kids got familiar with aeroplanes.They had fun playing with mini planes and runway they’ve created.We ended the week with a science experiment with balloons to explain the concept of gravity.

Preparing for St. Martin Feast – Class K1.5/K1.6

Yr 1- Ms Alexia C-We talked about the human body during Science.

We did the Maths Journaling. The children were given different shapes and they had to create their own pictures using shapes. The children were allowed to share their creative work with their classmates. This enabled them to use vocabulary related to 2D shapes and to assess each other’s work.

We practised CV and CVC words in Maltese using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method.

Yr1.1- Treasure Hunt! Hunting for numbers and shapes in the playground!

Yr5 Mr Owen- reading … literacy room