TWIC 12-16 November

Yr2.3- Ms Anna

Great resources with recycled material – bottle taps sealed in fruit containers to teach place value of numbers and letters written on bottle taps for word building

K1- Ms Melvia/Ms Prassede- Various games regarding number 2 value– Maths Journal (printing 2 stars to make the value of number 2)

Yr1- Ms Alexia C

We did an experiment related to the sense of smell. The children had to record their guesses by drawing on the result sheet.

We read the story ‘Hamilton’s Hats’. After the first reading we did the story sequencing in pairs.

We practised number value through the use of ten frames


Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Using blocks to understand the relationship between multiplication and division

Yr3- Ms Pam- Sorting and exploring the properties of 2d shapes

Yr2- Ms Josette-  During Science lesson we learnt about the different parts of a flower and their basic functions. We did this experiment to see that water actually goes up through the stem to the whole flower.

Yr5- Mr Owen-drama session with Helen O Grady

Yr3- Ms Daniela

Yr6- Ms Jeanette

Yr1.1- Ms Deguara- Niktbu l-ittra J