TWIC 26-30 November

K1.1 and K1.2

Our small pilots took us to China😊where we had fun cooking noodles and working as a team creating fireworks using foam and paint.Our Chinese friend Larry also tried teaching us some Chinese words.We concluded the week dying noodles for sensory play.

YR 1.3 This week we carried out a Christmas themed experiment. We used Christmas shapes and filled them with bicarbonate of soda. We poured in white vinegar and this caused a bubbling explosion 🙂 

Yr6- Ms Jeanette

Yr 1.1- Growing Vetches (Ä urbiena) in class

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Mental Maths Activity: Breaking the Code!

Yr3- Ms Mireille- This week we discussed things that can be measured in metres and others that can be measured in centimetres. We also practised giving estimates of the length of various objects and then measured them to assess how accurate our predictions were.

K1- Ms Melvia/Ms Prassede- Planting Vetch/ Science Experiment ‘Grow the Grinch’s Heart using a green balloon