TWIC (3-7 December)

K1.5/K1.6- Ms.Prassede & Ms. Melvia- Cooking Activity – Decorating the Gingerbread Man with yoghurt and decorating it with a variety of fruits.

 Yr1- Ms Alexia C- Using letters on bottle caps to make words in Maltese

Yr5- Mr Owen- capacity-hands on activities

Year6 Social Studies fieldwork

Yr3- Ms Daniela- A fun shopping experience at the supermarket as part of the learning process to achieve the learning outcome ‘Making 100cents’.

Yr3- Ms Mireille- Science: Understanding that like poles of a magnet repel and unlike poles attract

Yr3- Ms Pam- Maths length lesson outside of the classroom. In groups the children had to draw a line as close as possible to 1m in length. They then used a measuring tape to see if their estimation was correct. They then used trundle wheels to measure the length and width of the yard.