TWIC ( 7-11 January 2019)

Ms Daniela Yr3

Time tasks, investigating magnetism and practising prepositions through fun games

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Carrying out a survey and using the results to create a bar chart.Yr5- Mr Owen-science … creating a circuit (electricity)

Ms Jeanette- yr6- Weight

Ms Dolores/Ms Jacqueline- Books

Ms ALexia C- Yr1- This week we started learning English through phonics. The children used letters on bottle caps and magnetic letters to make words.

During the Literacy room slot, the children were given levelled books to read. While monitoring, I had the opportunity to listen to the children read phrases/sentences from the books.

During one of our Maths lessons, the children measure pictures using non standard unitsMs Lisanne/Ms Katya- K2- Cloud Painting and Wind Blowing Ms Mireille- Yr3- This week, during science we learnt about the way all parts have to be connected to build an electric circuit.Ms Stephanie & Ms Claire’s class (K 2.5 & K 2.6)-Working in teams to make igloos using various resources in class