TWIC (14-18 January)

Ms Deguara- Yr1.1- Maltese lesson – spelling puzzlesMr Owen- Yr5-maths interactive games about moneyK 1.1 & k 1.2-Books, P.E. Lesson and Science experiment: what happens to the paper in water, glitters and sand?Ms Anna- Yr2.3-Problem Solving Activity with parents.Ms. Prassede & Ms. Melvia K1.5/K1.6- Science Activity – Growing Top of Carrot and Setting The Table Ms Claire & Ms Stephanie (K.2.5 & K2.6) – Keeping with our topic of Airplanes and travel we went on an outing at the Aviation Museum to learn more about different airplanes. The children were also given the opportunity to go in a cockpit and pretend to fly a plane.

Kg2.3 & Kg2.4 -Mixing colours to paint the sun