TWIC (4-8 Feb)

Ms Daniela- Yr 3- Presenting ways of saving energy/Spelling Activities with parents

K 1.1 & K 1.2 -Outing -The Library & Meeting the Mayor

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Estimating the weight of various items around the classroom and measuring their weight by using balance scales and standard weights.

Year 2.2 Science activity – Change; paper recycling

K1- Ms Bernice/Ms Bernice-  bell peppers tasting game and choosing their favourite one

Ms Pam- Yr3- Science: Figuring out how to make the bulb light using a simple electric circuit. Maths : using double ten frames and caps to explore addition facts of 20

Ms.Prassede & Ms.Melvia-K1.5/K1.6 Printing with natural vegetables/ Painting macaroni pasta