TWIC (11-15 Feb)

Ms Jeanette- Yr6-Synonyms activity during a Maltese lesson

Ms Josette-Year 2.2 -Maths Problem Solving activity

Ms Mireille- Yr3- Spelling session: Here are some activities we do to improve our spelling, using the look, say, cover, write and check method – writing in salt trays, rainbow writing, writing on mini whiteboards, using plastic letters

Ms Pam3.2: Science: Figuring out how to make the bulb light using a simple electric circuit. Maths : using double ten frames and caps to explore addition facts of 20

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – 3D shapes feely bag activity

Ms Alexia C- Yr1-This week we practised directions using the Beebot.
We practised writing using multi-sensory activities.

Ms Jacqueline & Ms Dolores K1-In class this week we discussed how we can spread love and kids came out with great ideas, like making picture notes for their class mates, gifts to take home, a treat for our friends the birds and as a gardening activity kids planted the word LOVE. Ms Prassede/Ms Melvia- K1-

Activity – Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Children sticking pictures of healthy and unhealthy food  correctly on the yellow or white tooth