Start of School (Update 2)
Dear Parents,
We hope that you are all keeping safe. We are super busy preparing the school premises to host our beloved children.

Authorities are suggesting that the starting dates MIGHT CHANGE in order to have a staggered entry (not all children starting on the same day) for the safety of our children. Hence we are still waiting for further directions by the authorities

In the coming days, we will be posting the online meeting by the Head of School on this page so that everyone can watch at his own convenience.

Besides, (probably on Monday or Tuesday) you will be receiving an SMS with the class teacher’s name. Kindly prepare a tag/label to be be worn on the first day of school so that your children can be directed to their new classrooms. You will also be given details about the online meeting with the teacher at a later stage)

Shortly, we will also be publishing the times and locations of entrance and dismissal on this page.

Make sure that you still have your child’s ilearn address and password so that you will be able to access MS TEAMS. This will be a very important communication tool with the school.
R Galea
Head of School