Coeliac Screening

The school will be participating in this National screening for Coeliac Disease. Below please find all the details. Consent forms filled in last scholastic year will still be valid.


Some Important Information on the ITAMA Project:

  1. ITAMA study is meant for children of ages 4 to 12 years.  Hence it’s applicable to children from K2 until Yr 8.
  2. Parents may be allowed to accompany younger children at the discretion of the school.  We don’t require this, nor are against it.  It’s at your discretion to decide how to deal with the matter.  Please feel free to do what you think is best for your school.
  3. The testing will be done by qualified professional nurses that are following full H&S protocols in line with the mitigation measures currently in act due to the pandemic.
  4. A video showing how the test is done may be found on our facebook page by following this link: I suggest all schools and parents to follow our social networks to keep informed.

  1. Regarding delivery of results:

Children whose point of care test result negative will not be contacted.  The parents are advised that the process should not last longer than 8 weeks, hence if no contact is done towards them from Mater Dei Hospital within 8 weeks of the date of testing, this means that their child tested negative.

Children whose point of care test result positive will be contacted by Mater Dei. If the child’s test results positive, this might indicate that the child is coeliac, hence Mater Dei will contact the parents (using the contact details entered in the consent form) and will suggest a follow up with the child at the outpatients department of the hospital.

Please note that due to data protection, only Mater Dei has access to the names of the children.  Neither the project nor the school will be informed of the results.  Only parents of children with positive results will be contacted.