Our School

The school has a population of around 500 pupils. Their age varies from three to eleven years. These children hail from more than 15 countries.   The school staff is made up of a Head of School, four assistant Heads, a number of teachers, kindergarten assistants, LSEs, school clerks and caretakers.

The Village
Naxxar is a scenic village of over 13, 000 inhabitants situated on a hill in the North-East of Malta and about 8km away from Valletta ( the Capital City). A number of other locations form part of Naxxar, namely the Tas-Sgħajtar area, Santa Marija tax-Xagħra, San Pawl tat-Tarġa. Birguma, Magħtab, Salina, Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq and part of Madliena.

Some say the word Naxxar is derived from the word “nasar” which means Christian.  Thus the moto of Naxxar “Prior Credidi” meaning the first to believe in Christ.

The Emblem
Naxxar’s emblem shows a Christian cross on the Maltese flag. The Motto reads – Prior Credidi – the first to believe since it is held that these villagers were the first to be converted by St Paul.

The Naxxar Local Council has 9 members  The Mission Statement of the Council is:-“To upgrade the level of the residents’ life by offering and increasing the services to optimum levels. The Parish Church is dedicated to Marija Bambina and situated in the centre of Naxxar. The feast is celebrated on the 8th September. There are a number of other chapels as well, the most famous being that of San Pawl tat-Tarġa where tradition holds that St Paul preached for the first time.