School Uniform

What are the official items of the New uniform?
The official items are:

Kinder and Primary – Summer Uniform
• P.E. Shorts (to be worn as winter P.E shorts too)
• Polo Shirt (short sleeve)
• P.E. T-Shirt – Summer (Short Sleeve – to be worn as winter P.E t-shirt shorts too)
• Cap

Kinder and Primary – Winter Uniform
• Tracksuit Trousers
• Tracksuit Crewneck Sweatshirt
• Tracksuit Jacket
• Polo Shirt (long sleeve) – NEW ITEM
• Winter Jacket/Anorak
• Cap


Why was there the need for a change in school uniform ?
In 2019 the Ministry for Education and Employment held a public consultation process with students, educators and parents/legal guardians on their views about the school uniform. There was a very clear plea for a uniform that is a comfortable tracksuit including poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap and jacket for Winter.
What were the results of the public consultation on the school uniform?
85% of primary students, 91% of middle and secondary students and 73% of parents and educators
were in favour of having a comfortable tracksuit, poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap and jacket for Winter
as a uniform.
What was the Ministry’s decision following the public consultation process?
After the public consultation process, the Ministry has decided to uphold the choice of the majority.
Who did the first design concept of the new uniform?
The Ministry for Education and Employment commissioned the task of the new design concept for the new uniform to MCAST fashion and design students, who together with their lecturers produced
different design concepts.
What happened next so that the design of the new uniform was finalised?
After the consultation process and the design concept, various workshops with Head of College Networks (College Principals) were held to finalise the design and concept for the new uniforms. These
workshops were followed by discussions on how to gradually introduce the new uniform, and an open request for proposals from the industry to choose the supplier of the new uniform as published.

How will the new uniform be phased in for the other year groups?
The phasing in of the new uniform is planned to take place over three scholastic years:
• Scholastic year 2020/2021 the new uniform will be introduced for students in Kinder 1, Year 1, Year 7 and Year 9.
• Scholastic year 2021/2022 the new uniform will be introduced again for students in Kinder 1, Year 1, Year 7 and Year 9.
• By scholastic year 2022/2023 all students will attend school with the new uniform. Exceptions are considered for year 11 students in scholastic year 2022/2023.
Who is the Supplier for the new uniforms?
The official supplier is Yorkie Clothing.
What are the contact details of the supplier for the new uniform?
Shop: Yorkie, Triq San Giljan, B’Kara BKR 2808. (near Mater Dei Hospital) Factory: 050, Qasam Industrijali, San Gwann SGN 3000
Tel: +356 2149 7278
Will the new uniform be available only from this Supplier?
The official supplier is Yorkie Clothing.
When and how can the new uniform be bought?
The new uniform is available and can be ordered online by accessing the website of Yorkie Clothing ( or else by visiting the shop/factory of Yorkie Clothing.
When can the new uniform be ordered?
The new uniform is available for ordering online or else by visiting the shop/factory of Yorkie Clothing.
When will the new uniform be available for collection?
The new uniform shall be available for collection from Yorkie Clothing from mid-September 2020. Yorkie Clothing shall inform parents/legal guardians accordingly. Should the new uniform not be available in time for next scholastic year, what will students be
requested to wear?

The new uniform should be available to collect as from mid-September however should the new uniform’s shipment be delayed parents/ legal guardians will be notified accordingly.

Are there any new items new items that have not been part of the previous uniform but form part of the new uniform?
The new uniform will have new items that were not included in the previous uniform.
These new items are:
• Long Sleeve Polo Shirt for Primary, Middle and Secondary school students;
• Winter Jacket for Middle and Secondary school students
• Summer Chino Trousers for Middle and Secondary school students.
These new items were included on request during the consultation process.
What items of the previous uniform are no longer part of the new uniform?
The following items from the previous uniform have not been included in the new uniform:
• Blazer
• Shirt
• Short Trousers
• Long Trousers
• Skirt
• Jersey
• Tie/Cravats
What is the price of the new uniform?
The prices of the new uniform according to the respective college can be viewed in the attached document.
Has the price of the new uniform increased?
Comparing one item of each of the new uniform with one item of each of the previous uniform the parents/legal guardians will be saving €37.50 for primary school students and €55.50 (including blazer) and €19.10 (excluding blazer) for middle/secondary school students.
For how long will the price for the new uniform be fixed and cannot increase?
The price of the New uniform will be fixed for the next 7 scholastic years.
Is the design of the new uniform going to be the same for all year groups?
The new uniform of every State College will have a particular detail and colour scheme to identify the respective college.
The design of the new uniform varies from Primary to the Middle/Secondary year groups.
Also the concept of clustering was introduced in the Middle/Secondary tracksuit, where the design and colour scheme is the State College within the cluster.
With regards to sets (tracksuit) will it be possible to mix sizes?
Tracksuits can be bought separate according to the required sizes needed.
Any further questions?
Please contact us for further questions :
Telephone – 153
Email Address –

School Policy

A school uniform identifies the children with a school, promoting a sense of pride and also a sense of belonging.  Children are expected to attend school in full uniform. 

All clothing items should be labelled with the child’s name.


  • Any accessories used such as bows, clips etc. should be black/navy blue.
  • Black/navy blue scarves or gloves.
  • For safety reasons, only stud earrings are allowed.
  • Bracelets and necklaces should NOT be worn.
  • Make-up and nail polish are not allowed.
  • Mobile phones and cameras are not to be brought to school.

Children not abiding by the school uniform policy may be asked to remove any accessory not belonging to the school uniform and/or the parents may be called in to change their child’s uniform.  Besides, the school can inform the parents through a ‘Uniform Note’ which has to be signed and sent back to school.

For certain outings, such as performances and cultural outings, children will be expected to wear their full uniform.  For other outings children may be asked to wear their P.E. kit.  Children will be guided what to wear by their respective teachers prior to the outing. Children not wearing the adequate attire may be left at school.

Personal Hygiene

  • It is important that children keep their uniform clean.
  • Children should wash every day.
  • Teeth should be brushed on a regular basis.
  • A packet of tissues and a small packet of wipes are to be kept in the school bag.


  •  Long hair should be tied back for safety and hygienic purposes.
  • Hair should be clean and washed regularly.
  • Hair styles should be adequate for school – no fancy haircuts/lines please! (Hair-cuts with more than one evident length are deemed NOT appropriate for school)