Letter for parents



State schools will be following a new policy due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Parents who choose not to send their child to school need to download FORM A, fill it up, scan and send by email on by Friday 16th October 2020. This counts for children in Kindergarten and Primary. After receiving this form, the class teachers will mark these students as EXCUSED. If parents fail to send this form, students will be marked as ABSENT WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION and an SMS will be sent.

If you are opting for vulnerable cases, medical certification must be included.

Returning to School (After filling Form A)

After sending FORM A, when parents decide that the child can return to school, FORM B needs to be filled in and sent to school by email. ONLY once the school gives the go ahead, the student may return to school. Confirmation from the school might take a number of days.


ALL absences (even for 1 day), need to be justified by a Medical Certificate this scholastic year. The Medical Certificate needs to specify exactly on which date the student is to return to school. Students cannot return to school BEFORE the date indicated by the doctor.

NON-MEDICAL absences need to be justified. These might include Music and Dance Exams, dental appointments and hospital appointments. A copy of the appointment/notification is requested. If this is not provided, the school would need a FIT FOR SCHOOL Certification by the Doctor. Particular cases and special permissions should be discussed with the school administration before.

Certificates have to be sent by email before the child can return to school.

Students without the necessary certifications will not be allowed back at school