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Spring Fest – June 7th

Please find below the poster and detailed school plan for the Spring Fest which is to be held on June 7th.

Join and share the event on Facebook and you’ll be in the chance to win a stainless steel lantern from Bow and Ribbon!

Facebook event –

SpringFest Poster –

Detailed plan –

World Book Day


As part of the World Book Day celebrations,  all pupils were asked to take a book to the school yard and read for mere fun and enjoyment.
World Book Day World Book Day World Book Day

Casual Day – October 24th

On Friday October 24, the children were allowed to come to school wearing casual clothes instead of their uniform.  For breaking a school rule, they were expected to pay a minimum of a 50c donation to the NGO MBR (Maratona bir-Roti).  Such a donation was felt necessary since the same NGO donated an AED (automated External Defibrillator) to the school.  This medical equipment can be used in cases of heart problems until medical aid arrives at school.  In fact, the AED can check the heartbeat of a victim and restart the heart in case of heart failure.