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Celebration Day

The long awaited day in our school’s calendar is indeed Celebration Day. On the 22nd March 2019, our school honoured both the social and academic achievement of our young students during a Prize Giving Ceremony held in the School Hall, Naxxar Primary, Maria Regina College.
Nonetheless, this year, our school opened its doors to hundreds of diligent
learners, their families and other invitees to enjoy this fruitful event. The climax of this year’s celebration was another musical, Hoodwinked, a swashbuckling modern adaptation of the traditional Robin Hood. Presented by our Year 5 young actors, Hoodwinked literally hooked the audience with gusto! Consecutively another performance of great success. Thumbs up!

Special thanks go to the Head of College Network, Mr Patrick Decelis for his constant support and Naxxar Mayor Ms Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami together with other Local Councillors for sponsoring the prizes on the night.

TWIC (18-22 Feb)

Ms Daniela- Yr3-
Maths through PE Introduction to Division – sharing equally

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Practising the four cardinal directions: North, South, East and West.

Mr Owen-Yr5- auditions for the mini musical (celebration day)

K 1.1 & 1.2- Topic Indians: Creating the Carnival Costume.

Physical education plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy life style. It promotes our physical strength and is above all enjoyable and motivating! Year 3.1

TWIC (11-15 Feb)

Ms Jeanette- Yr6-Synonyms activity during a Maltese lesson

Ms Josette-Year 2.2 -Maths Problem Solving activity

Ms Mireille- Yr3- Spelling session: Here are some activities we do to improve our spelling, using the look, say, cover, write and check method – writing in salt trays, rainbow writing, writing on mini whiteboards, using plastic letters

Ms Pam3.2: Science: Figuring out how to make the bulb light using a simple electric circuit. Maths : using double ten frames and caps to explore addition facts of 20

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – 3D shapes feely bag activity

Ms Alexia C- Yr1-This week we practised directions using the Beebot.
We practised writing using multi-sensory activities.

Ms Jacqueline & Ms Dolores K1-In class this week we discussed how we can spread love and kids came out with great ideas, like making picture notes for their class mates, gifts to take home, a treat for our friends the birds and as a gardening activity kids planted the word LOVE. Ms Prassede/Ms Melvia- K1-

Activity – Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Children sticking pictures of healthy and unhealthy food  correctly on the yellow or white tooth

TWIC (4-8 Feb)

Ms Daniela- Yr 3- Presenting ways of saving energy/Spelling Activities with parents

K 1.1 & K 1.2 -Outing -The Library & Meeting the Mayor

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Estimating the weight of various items around the classroom and measuring their weight by using balance scales and standard weights.

Year 2.2 Science activity – Change; paper recycling

K1- Ms Bernice/Ms Bernice-  bell peppers tasting game and choosing their favourite one

Ms Pam- Yr3- Science: Figuring out how to make the bulb light using a simple electric circuit. Maths : using double ten frames and caps to explore addition facts of 20

Ms.Prassede & Ms.Melvia-K1.5/K1.6 Printing with natural vegetables/ Painting macaroni pasta

TWIC (28 Jan-1 Feb)

Yr3- Ms Mireille- Shopping activity at THREE POINT ONE toyshop! The children thoroughly loved acting as a shopkeeper/customer. They had to opportunity to choose the toy they liked best, and actually bought them! During this activity, the children had to work out giving change from 20c, 50c and €1.

K 1.1 & k 1.2- Miss Jaqueline & Miss Dolores: Cooking the mystery books. Reading session: Lippu l-Lapes. Concept: Big & Small. Science experiment: X’ jigrila l-inka fl-ilma u fil-kolla l-bajda?

Yr6- Maths Problem Solving Workshops with special guests

TWIC (21-25 January)

Yr6- Outing to Nature Reserves

Ms Daniela-Yr3- Maths Problem Solving TasksMs Mireille- Yr3- Wara attività tas-smigħ u taħdit relata ma’ żewġ tipi ta’ draguni differenti, l-istudenti kellhom jużaw l-immaġinazzjoni u l-kreattività tagħhom sabiex jiktbu storja relatata ma’ dan is-suġġett. Dan kien parti mill-Journal, fejn l-għan tal-attività huwa li l-istudenti jiksbu l-kunfidenza fil-ħila tal-kitba.Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Detectives and suspects using the past continuous to ask and answer questions in this mystery game.Mr Owen- Yr5- matching analogue clocks (separate minute hand and hour hand) and digital clocksMs Dorothy/Ms Chantelle- Birdpark Outing

Ms Dolores & Ms Jacqueline K1

This week we turned our class in a library for pretend play.Kids created a large fairy tale book and were taken to the magical world of fairy tales.With the help of costumes and kid’s own imagination we did a parade in our school corridor

Ms.Prassede & Ms.Melvia/ Visiting our School Kitchen/Making a graph – Children chose their favourite fruit to create a graph.

TWIC (14-18 January)

Ms Deguara- Yr1.1- Maltese lesson – spelling puzzlesMr Owen- Yr5-maths interactive games about moneyK 1.1 & k 1.2-Books, P.E. Lesson and Science experiment: what happens to the paper in water, glitters and sand?Ms Anna- Yr2.3-Problem Solving Activity with parents.Ms. Prassede & Ms. Melvia K1.5/K1.6- Science Activity – Growing Top of Carrot and Setting The Table Ms Claire & Ms Stephanie (K.2.5 & K2.6) – Keeping with our topic of Airplanes and travel we went on an outing at the Aviation Museum to learn more about different airplanes. The children were also given the opportunity to go in a cockpit and pretend to fly a plane.

Kg2.3 & Kg2.4 -Mixing colours to paint the sun

TWIC ( 7-11 January 2019)

Ms Daniela Yr3

Time tasks, investigating magnetism and practising prepositions through fun games

Year 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Carrying out a survey and using the results to create a bar chart.Yr5- Mr Owen-science … creating a circuit (electricity)

Ms Jeanette- yr6- Weight

Ms Dolores/Ms Jacqueline- Books

Ms ALexia C- Yr1- This week we started learning English through phonics. The children used letters on bottle caps and magnetic letters to make words.

During the Literacy room slot, the children were given levelled books to read. While monitoring, I had the opportunity to listen to the children read phrases/sentences from the books.

During one of our Maths lessons, the children measure pictures using non standard unitsMs Lisanne/Ms Katya- K2- Cloud Painting and Wind Blowing Ms Mireille- Yr3- This week, during science we learnt about the way all parts have to be connected to build an electric circuit.Ms Stephanie & Ms Claire’s class (K 2.5 & K 2.6)-Working in teams to make igloos using various resources in class

School Council Elections

Dear Parent/Guardian,

School Council Elections 2019 – 2020

School Council Elections are being held as per Education Act 1988 in all State Schools in Malta and Gozo.

The School Council is made up of:

  • A President – who is nominated by the Minister for Education and Employment
  • A Secretary/Treasurer – who is the Head of School
  • Three representatives elected from among the Educators based at the school
  • Three representatives elected from among the Parents/Guardians whose children attend the School.

Elections will be held between Thursday 31st January and Monday 4th February. This year elections will be conducted online. Each parent is entitled to a vote. Parents can vote online at using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. They can also choose to vote by going to the school on Thursday, Friday or Monday (31st January, 1st and 4th February) between 9.00 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. and vote using computers set up at the school. Helpers will be available to assist parents to vote. It is important that these parents take with them the Code that was given to their child so as to be able to vote.

Three parents/guardians, ready to serve on the School Council, are required.  The excellent work and dedication of members who served on previous Councils left positive results in our school.  Parents/guardians are therefore encouraged to participate in these elections by either volunteering as Council Members or by nominating other parents/guardians of children in our school. Participation in these elections is of utmost importance and your cooperation is greatly appreciated in the best interests of the school and the students.

Nomination forms

Nomination forms can be collected from your child’s school or submitted online on the website of the Ministry for Education and Employment at Each nomination is to be seconded by another parent/guardian whose children attend the school.  One can nominate him/herself. Nominations submitted by hand are to reach the school by not later than Friday 18th  January 2019. Online nominations will close at 1.00 p.m. on 18th January 2019.

Bronze Awards

Bronze Award Certificates were awarded to all those students who already manged to read 45 books from the class library and got them logged on their Reading Record Sheet.  WELL DONE!!!!!KEEP IT UP!!