This week in Class (22-26 January)

Year 3- Ms Daniela

It’s all about fractions. Using wooden fruit cut in half as an introduction to halves. Using lego blocks to build a fraction wall. Making pizzas with different toppings according to fraction notation. Interactive games as well as written tasks.

Science Experiment: Rain cloud in a jar

Ms Jacqueline K1.3 and Ms Dolores K1.4

Making Butterflies


Year 4 – Ms Leanne

On Friday it was The Holocaust Memorial Day so we researched about the Holocaust and World War 2 on DK encyclopedia. We jotted down notes on our journal too. Then we created a photostory on our tablet. Finally we visited the Holocaust memorial in the playground Working out receipt totals and then working out change needed using euro notes and coins.

Year 5 – Mr Owen

Literacy Room Session

Tablet Session

Maths Hands-On- Length

Malti- L-oppost

Year 1- Ms Alexia Camilleri

This week we practised ‘taking away’ by playing the ‘chameleon and ladybugs’ game. The chameleon ate a different number of ladybugs each time and the children had to count how many bugs were left.

We also weighed different objects to practise heavy and light

Year 1- Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett

This week we practised taking away through a fun game of ‘subtraction smash’

Ms Sarah and Ms Prassede- K1.5/K1.6

Life cycle of a butterfly with pasta and cooking activity to create a caterpillar

Ms Dolores K 1.4 and Ms Jacqueline K1.3

The colour Green

Casual Day – October 24th

On Friday October 24, the children were allowed to come to school wearing casual clothes instead of their uniform.  For breaking a school rule, they were expected to pay a minimum of a 50c donation to the NGO MBR (Maratona bir-Roti).  Such a donation was felt necessary since the same NGO donated an AED (automated External Defibrillator) to the school.  This medical equipment can be used in cases of heart problems until medical aid arrives at school.  In fact, the AED can check the heartbeat of a victim and restart the heart in case of heart failure.