Celebrating Success at our School

Certificates of the month- For Creative Writing

Student of the Month Awards

Brillantini tal-Qari-

Presentation by Ms Michelle Zarb (HOD Literacy) for the National Literacy Agency to Elia Bonaccorso and Jayden Camilleri-  The students were given a €50 voucher by Merlin Brillantini tal-Kitba- The National Literacy Agency is awarding  students who excel in Creative Writing- Martina Grima is being given the opportunity to attend a writing workshop in Rome.

ATQuadkids Athletics Festival- Luca Aquilina placed first in the 60m event on a National level.  He was given the opportunity to compete on an international level in Rome.

This week in class (12-16 February)

Year 5- Ms Diane

Creative Writing Session for students and their parents….they were all well-behaved…even the parents!

K2.3 and K2.4- Ms Bernice and Ms Lisanne

Painting to different kinds of music

Kinder 1.7/1.8 – Ms.Estelle & Ms.Sabrina

Occupations and Transport. Getting to know the role of a doctor and that of a nurse. Maths Journal; Revising number 3 by choosing 3 different colored circles in order to create traffic lights.

Year 6- Ms Jeanette

Guided Reading

Year 5- Mr Owen

Literacy room Session-  Focussing on Non-fiction books

Year 3- Ms Daniela

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Fieldwork around Naxxar

This week in class (5-9 February)

Kinder 1- Ms Dolores and Ms Jacqueline

Carnival: prinjolata u carnival costume-cupid

Year 6- Ms Jeanette

Carnival Activities, Floats and Masks

Kinder 1- Ms Sarah and Ms Prassede- Carnival  – balloon printing to paint their artist/Picasso costumes and carnival masks. Valentine’s day butterfly card.

Year 5 Mr Owen-(Oracy) Hot seat … answering questions about being the character himself/herself

This week in class (29/01-2/02)

Mr Owen- Year 5

An Innovative Show and Tell

Creative Writing- Peer Response

Ms Daniela- Year 3

Nippreparaw kebabs tal-frott wara li qrajna u ddiskutejna l-istorja ‘Xi haġa tajba’ minn Senduq Buffuri

Kindergarten 1- Ms Dolores & Ms Jacqueline

Topic: Valentines

Heart with clay and finger painting
 Science experiment: love potion

Year 3- Ms Mariella

Doubling and Halving using interlocking cubes, 10 frames and bottles capsMs Alexia Spiteri Binett- Year1.3

This week we planted some flower seeds during our Science lesson… We hope they will grow 🙂

Ms Pamela- Year 3

This week during Maths we talked about how to sort and organize information in tables and pictograms.  The children were divided into 3 groups. Each group had to conduct a survey amongst the children in our class and record the findings on a table and then on a pictogram.  The children found out which are the most popular superheroes, ice-cream flavours and foods

Ms Alexia Camilleri- Year 1.2

This week during our Maths Mental Warm-Up we played ‘Addition Bingo’.

This week in Class (22-26 January)

Year 3- Ms Daniela

It’s all about fractions. Using wooden fruit cut in half as an introduction to halves. Using lego blocks to build a fraction wall. Making pizzas with different toppings according to fraction notation. Interactive games as well as written tasks.

Science Experiment: Rain cloud in a jar

Ms Jacqueline K1.3 and Ms Dolores K1.4

Making Butterflies


Year 4 – Ms Leanne

On Friday it was The Holocaust Memorial Day so we researched about the Holocaust and World War 2 on DK encyclopedia. We jotted down notes on our journal too. Then we created a photostory on our tablet. Finally we visited the Holocaust memorial in the playground Working out receipt totals and then working out change needed using euro notes and coins.

Year 5 – Mr Owen

Literacy Room Session

Tablet Session

Maths Hands-On- Length

Malti- L-oppost

Year 1- Ms Alexia Camilleri

This week we practised ‘taking away’ by playing the ‘chameleon and ladybugs’ game. The chameleon ate a different number of ladybugs each time and the children had to count how many bugs were left.

We also weighed different objects to practise heavy and light

Year 1- Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett

This week we practised taking away through a fun game of ‘subtraction smash’

Ms Sarah and Ms Prassede- K1.5/K1.6

Life cycle of a butterfly with pasta and cooking activity to create a caterpillar

Ms Dolores K 1.4 and Ms Jacqueline K1.3

The colour Green

This Week in Class (15/01- 19/01)

K 1.3 and K1.4 Ms Jacqueline and Ms Dolores

The very hungry caterpillar
Activities from cocoon to a beautiful butterfly

Making a thin caterpillar with 5 grapes and 1 cherry tomato

Yr5.3- Carnival Masks
Kinder 2- Ms Sephanie
Leaf Rubbing
Fruit Printing
Healthy/Unhealthy Lunchbox
Yr4- Ms Leanne
Working out receipt totals and then working out change needed using euro notes and coin
Reading and acting out a play ‘The Monster under the Bed’ in the Literacy Room
Estimating and then measuring the length of various items around our classroom and school
Yr6- Ms Diane
Making a Fraction Chart
Maths Lesson Weight Activity
Yr1.3- Ms Alexia Spiteri Binett

This week we practised measuring some soft toys using cubes. We first tried to guess (estimate) how tall they are,  then we measured and counted the cubes. Finally we  ordered the toys from shortest to tallest. 

Yr1- Ms Alexia Camilleri
This week we practised spelling and writing CVC words in Maltese using letters on bottle caps. We focused on the middle sound using different coloured caps
Yr2.3- Ms Anna Maria Gauci
Maths Through Stories and Hands on Activities
Year 3- Ms Daniela
Spelling activity (Look…say…cover…try tasks)
Doubling and Halving activities

This week in class- 8-13 January

Ms Jeanette Yr 6- Length, Perimeter and Area

Science Assessment- Making a Circuit

Ms Alexia C Yr1-

This week we measured using non-standard units.  We measured the width of the corridor in footsteps and using the P.E. markers.  We also measured different pictures and objects using cubes.

Ms Alexia SB- Yr 1.3- Practising adding in pairs using pipe cleaners and beads

Mr Owen Yr5-

Fieldwork at Marsaxlokk

Maths- Interactive Activity

K1.7 & 1.8 (Ms Estelle and Ms Sabrina)

Your opinion matters- Parents’ Questionnaire

In view of the upcoming external review being held in February, 2018, the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) would like to gather feedback from the parents of learners in our school.  All submissions are anonymous and results will be used collectively as part of the evaluation.

We encourage all parents to submit their questionnaire.    Deadline of submission is,  Friday, 19th January, 2018.  Their feedback is an important contribution to school improvement.



Chicken Pox

Dear Parents,

Kindly have a look at the info below


Infected children and adults are required to stay at home for until the spots become dry and crusted, after which they can return to school or work. They should therefore be seen by a doctor prior to going back to school or work to verify this.

Thus, the school is asking for another doctor’s note besides the Medical Certificate that certifies them fit to attend school.    This is being done without prejudice for  prevention from this infectious disease.