Scholastic Year 2018/9 – Info and Stationery Checklists

Punti għas-sena 2018/2019

Għeżież Ġenituri,

Nixtieq nirringrazzjakom tal-koperazzjoni tagħkom biex ikollna sena skolastika oħra ta’ suċċess.

Jekk jogħġobkom żommu din in-nota f’post prominenti biex tiftakru f’dawn id-dati. Mhix se tintbagħat karta oħra.


It-Tlieta 25 ta’ Settembru

Yrs 1, 2 u 3 id-9:00-l-10:00

Yrs 4, 5 u 6 -10:30-11:30

Intom mistiedna tattendu għal laqgħa tal-bidu tas-sena fis-sala ta’ fuq tal-iskola.  Din il-laqgħa se tkun mas-surmast u l-amministrazzjoni tal-iskola.  Il-laqgħa mal-għalliema issir wara li it-tfal ikunu bdew l-iskola.  Dakinhar issiru tafu f’liema klassi se jkunu it-tfal.  Fis-sala hemm post biss għal ġenitur wieħed kull student.  Jekk jogħġobkom, iġġibux tfal magħkom.
L-Erbgħa 26 ta’ Settembru It-tfal tal-Primarja jerġgħu jibdew skola.
Il-Ġimgħa 28 ta’ Settembru fid-9:00am Il-laqgħa tal-ġenituri tal-Kinder 1
Il-Ġimgħa 28 ta’ Settembru fl-10:30am Il-laqgħa tal-ġenituri Kinder 2
1 u t-2 t’Ottubru It-tfal tal-Kinder 1 jibdew skola fit-8:30.
It-Tnejn 1 t’Ottubru It-tfal tal-Kinder 2 jibdew fit-8:30.
  • L-uniformi kompluta tinxtara mingħand il-Yorkie. It-tfal għandhom jilbsu BISS ħwejjeġ li huma parti mill-uniformi.
  • Tistgħu issibu dawn id-dati kollha fuq il-website tal-iskola (Calendar of Events).
  • L-‘istationery lists’ tqassmu mat-tfal. Tistgħu issibu kopja fuq il-Website tal-iskola.


Points for 2018/2019

Dear Parents,

I would like to thank you for your cooperation for another successful scholastic year.

Please keep this note in a prominent place so that you don’t miss these important dates.  You will not be receiving any further written reminders.


Tuesday 25th September

 Yrs 1, 2 & 3 9:00-10:00

Yrs 4, 5 & 6 10:30-11:30

The parents’ meeting will be held in the Hall upstairs.  During this meeting you will be addressed by the Head of School and the school administration.  You will also be informed about your child’s new class.  The meeting with the class teacher will be held once the children get back to School.   There is only place for one parent per child in the hall.  Kindly do not bring children for the meeting.
Wednesday 26th September Primary Children will restart School at 8:30am
Friday 28th September 9:00am Parents’ Meeting for children in Kinder 1
Friday 28th September 10:30am Parents’ Meeting for children in Kinder 2
1st and 2nd October Kinder 1 children will restart school at 8:30am
Monday 1nd October Children in Kinder 2 restart school at 8:30am
  • The official School uniform can be bought from Yorkie. Children can only wear items that are part of the school uniform.
  • All these events can be found on the Calendar of Events on the School website.
  • Stationery Lists have been distributed. You can find them on the School website.




Yr 1 maths tool box

Year 1 Number-Line

Year 1 ten frames


Year 2 Maths Tool Box

Year 2 Tens-Frames





Language to Go! A summer Language Course

Language to Go! 2018 – a summer language course

 The Migrant Learners’ Unit within the Ministry for Education and Employment is organising Language to Go! – a summer language course meant to support newcomer learners in Maltese and/or in English. Sessions will be held twice/three times weekly for three/four consecutive weeks, starting from Monday 16th July 2018. This course is intended for newly arrived learners or those who still have difficulties in communicating in Maltese and/or English. Students who are currently attending school from Year 2 to Year 10 are eligible for these sessions.  The courses will be held in the following localities:

Gozo College, Rabat Secondary School

Maria Regina College, St. Paul’s Bay Primary School

San Ġorġ Preca College, Blata l-Bajda Middle School

St Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary School.

 Students may choose to attend in the locality of their preference. Transport to and from these centres wilbe the responsibility of the participants. Attendance for the Language to Go! sessions will be free of charge. Learners can attend for one language only or for both Maltese and English sessions. 

Application form language to go 2018

Lang to Go 2018 dates schedule

 Completed forms duly signed by the respective parent or guardian will be collected by the school or sent to the email below. 

Scanned application forms, which are accepted on a first come first served basis, are to be sent to Mr Gunther Vella on 


Reading Stars

To promote reading in our school we have decided to award pupils who borrow and read books from our class libraries. Class libraries are well equipped with fiction and non-fiction books, both Maltese and English. A good number of books have been sponsored by you parents during parents’ day.  Besides, the National Literacy Agency has donated 100 books in each class.  Since the beginning of the year we have been prompting pupils to borrow books and log them on the school’s blue reading sheet. Learners who have read a substantial amount of books will be awarded certificates as follows:
Bronze for reading 45 books or more
Silver for reading 90 books or more
Gold for reading 135 books or more
Platinum for reading 180 books or more
Outstanding for reading 225 books or more


Platinum and Outstanding


Yr1.1- Bronze


Yr1.2 Bronze

Yr1.3- Bronze

Yr2 Silver

Yr 2- Bronze

Yr3- Silver

Yr 3-Bronze 


Yr5 -SilverYr5- Bronze

Yr6- Silver

Yr6 – Bronze

Reading Super Stars Awards
At the end of the year the pupil who reads most books from each year group will be awarded the Reading Super Star title.
This year the awards go to:
Year 1 Jamie

Year 2 Charles
Year 3- Desiree
Year 4- Maganne
Year 5- Martina
Year 6- Jayden

Super T Results

Congratulations to our Year 5 and Year 6 for participating in the SUPER T international tournament.

Year 5-  Out of 28000 participants,

Miguel placed 14th , Martina placed 15th  and Craig placed 98th

Year 6 – Out of 44,870 participants,

Sarah placed 19th , Faye placed 39th  and Brandon placed 70th


Below please find the link to the online game….start practising for next year’s tournament!



TWIC (This Week In Class) 4-8 June

Ms Sarah & Ms Prassede K1.5/1.6- Maths Journal- full and empty activities with sand, water and animal toys.

Yr 4.3 – Ms Leanne – Maths Investigations with Parents

Ms Jacqueline and Ms Dolores K 1- Flip flop printing and letter recognition.

Winners of the Staedtler World Kids Colouring Day 2018- Leah and Maganne


World Cup Russia 2018

On the occasion of the World Cup, each Primary class prepared a special assembly about one of the countries participating in the tournament……complete with dances, costumes and VIPs like Enrique Iglesias, Maradona and Messi too……here are some photos……